Combining taste and health, the Rice fulfils a variety of international quality standards. The long  grain size and the delicate balance of taste and aroma of this rice add more flavor to your special  biryani or pulav recipes. High on carbohydrate, protein and calcium content, this rice makes  delicacies more enriching and satiating. The inimitable flavor and the unrivalled aroma of this rice  enhance the delight of your meals by several notches. We are the leading exporters and wholesale suppliers of Basmati Rice from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Our premium quality Basmati Rice is famous worldwide, and we offer them at highly affordable rates. The USP of the Basmati Rice is that it has a unique flavor and aromatic fragrance. As opposed to other brand of rice available in the market, our Basmati Rice is rich in nutrition, and can be used for a long span of time.